INKJET 125 G

    Opt for a “glossy” print your visuals thanks to Backlight 125g paper and energizes your showcase ! Spread your message and display your products using backlight technology. This will enable you to give an unrivalled light intensity and ensure an optimal quality of your prints.


    Right: print on normal paper.
    Left: print on backlight paper.

    The print is done on the mat side of the paper, from an image source which has been put upside down (similar to a mirrored image) in order for the printing to be done right side up on the lustered side of the paper (the ink will go through the paper hence the need to flip the image in order for your clients to see the image correctly on the more esthetically pleasingshiny side.


    The impression must be made on the matte side , with the flipped / inverted image , to appear instead on the bright side . The ink goes through the paper ; hence the need to reverse the image. In order to get the best quality possible, we recommend that you configure your printer with the following settings: Support: ” Matte thick paper ” quality ” high-quality printing ” is essential to allow a drying time of about 5 minutes after printing and avoid touching the print side so that no fingerprints on the image to appear.


    Conservation tips : store your packages in a dry place away from any heat source place .

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