vm box

    VM Box

    VM BOX is easy to assemble and disassemble, with no tools needed. Light and transportable, the VM BOX is a dual display, multi-formated, tilting, swivel column unit. The innovative design of its mounting system allows a range of different screen models to be attached to the column: whether they be tilted, standard illuminated or document holders. The height-adjustable base can also be customised with your own corporate identity. Perfect for trade shows or conventions.

    Innovative Connectors

    The major innovation of VM BOX is the unique manner in which the displays are connected to the mounting system, which allows different displays to simply clip on or off to the column.

    vm box
    vm box

    Customisable Base Stand

    The base can be customized to suit your company’s logo or advertise any visual marketing concept. It is also adjustable in height.


    VM Box VitrineMedia is extremely flexible in that it offers a range of display types and customizable base to meet your visual marketing requirements

    vm box


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